Services We Provide

Your vehicle will be transported on either a flatbed truck, 3-4 trailer car carrier,
or an even bigger 8-10 car carrier, mainly used for long distance car moves,
such as from coast to coast.  In either case, your vehicle is fully insured from
origin to destination, and at no point will be driven except on and off the

The vehicle will be picked up at or as close to your location as possible. The
transporter trucks are 80 feet long, weigh close to 80,000 lbs and are almost
14 feet high. They are therefore very hard to maneuver and are restricted to
main roads that do not have any overhanging tree branches, low clearance
bridges, or wires.

We would like to have at least a 2 to 3 day window to schedule the pickup of
your vehicle.

Pick-up dates and delivery times are not guaranteed. Immediate pick-ups are
available at an additional cost. We will also add additional charges to cover an
inoperable (does not run) vehicle. Please make sure you inform us up front of
the vehicle's condition.
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